One of the few but frequent drill down cases by proponents of a status quo monopoly state structure is a question they consider almost rhetorical “Who will  build the roads“? People following this topic know that there are real world examples newnewerold and older (there are plenty more to be found between the eras) showing who will builds roads if a person actually cares to learn.

tunnelLightis there a light at the end of the drug tunnel?

Here is a twist on the question, why worry about roads when an even better example can be seen – TUNNELS! Why be stuck talking about measly grading and paving when you can show that market forces, in this case literally underground market forces, will risk life and limb to build railroads under the earth?

Thinking market wise one can consider the fact that these tunnel builders are not only in competition with other smugglers but in these construction endeavors they are at the same time working to avoid the state forces trying to detect them in the escalating cat & mouse game.

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