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What does it tell us about modern politics when one of the largest global economies exists totally outside of the government arena?

This revealing article terms a functional, somewhat chaotic, arrangement as “System-D.” System-D covers everything from garage sales and day laborers to numerous international trades that total near $10 Trillion in exchanges each year.

Authoritarians step aside, Harry Tuttle gets it done.

Maybe this is what international commerce would look like if someone like Harry Tuttle from the movie Brazil had a hand in trade policy.

Bureaucracy restraining the market? Some people will follow the path of covert remedy…

Sam: Can you fix it?

Harry Tuttle: No, I can’t. But, I can bypass it.

There is no centralized effort at this, just people doing what they need to do whether there is an authorized path or not.

“And, even as governments around the world are looking to privatize agencies and get out of the business of providing for people, System D is running public services — trash pickup, recycling, transportation, and even utilities. “

Foreign Policy, The Shadow Superpower

“Forget China: the $10 trillion global black market is the world’s fastest growing economy — and its future.”

What would happen if the black market were bigger than any other market? Comments are encouraged.