At my house we enjoy watching travel shows and occasionally the guys on Top Gear take a good long trip in some crazy fashion. Yesterday’s episode was an epic contest to find the source of the Nile but what I found was the answer to the question about ROADS!  Watch the stakeholders perform magic at 5:01.

Some may dismiss this as just a patching effort since they didn’t really build a road but repaired a short piece. Keep watching because later hosts build their own car ferry to cross a river.

That’s all fun and games but really Who builds the roads?!

Right, all that is good and fun but for a more serious DIY road building effort I present you with Mr. Dashrath Manjhi who worked on his road project for twenty two years! It saves people a forty mile trip. If it had been done before his wife was ill then she might have gotten medical help in time.

Here is a documentary, at 2:20 Dashrath is featured. Some officials come long after the fact to give accolades. How often is that the case, do people really care that the government puts up a plaque acknowledging someone for doing what the government had no part in? Does this diminish the true effort by pairing post work approval after the years of commitment? What similar feats have you seen?

My last feature on roads is this group of business owners who needed to keep their customers coming after a storm cut them off. They did a $4,000,000 job the state was delaying and the work was completed in a mere eight days.

Island DIY: Kauai residents don’t wait for state to repair road

“We can wait around for the state or federal government to make this move, or we can go out and do our part,” Slack said.

Do It Yourself !

Maybe you don’t need to build a road to your neighboring town or need to join with other stakeholders to fix something while the government stalls and your livelihood suffers. Maybe you’ve pointed something out to local public works and they just nodded and went on with more pressing matters. Should you take matters in your own hands?


Just Do IT

Just Do IT