The “UK Progressives” response to John Stossel’s Minarchist/Spontaneous Order episode is hilarious!

The Week’s Damon Linker argued last year that “spontaneous order” was the “silliest and most harmful of all” libertarian ideas.

Their retort implies that military empirical venture into Iraq shows that spontaneous order fails. Mind you that this failure happened after total military domination (after decades of propping up by the same apparatus) and then the same state approved a new government to be established in Iraq. What years of military and policy planning went into this *spontaneous* new society? What spontaneous thing transpired, the insurgency into a weak government? Is this the first power vacuum in history?

These nice progressives wind up with this zinger –

“FEMA has to prioritize search and rescue, and moving equipment, moving people, moving medical supplies,” ABC News homeland security expert observed in 2005. “Wal-Mart just has to deliver supplies.”

FEMA comes in after the fact, after the city and state already failed to protect and/or evacuate people! After all the public transit sat unused, after the state supplied pumps failed and the dikes failed, after all the advanced warning of a cat 5 storm, after the police staff deserted…

Linker needs to remember this guy when he tries to understand spontaneous!!

Bus comandeered by renegade refugees first to arrive here

 And remember when some people tried to walk out of New Orleans and a police road block on the Danziger Bridge was there to prevent spontaneous order? Police kill 2, Spontaneous Order 0.

Serving and Protecting

Serving and Protecting – No dangerous  Spontaneous Order allowed in this town.

After government order failed.

A soldier of progress surveying all that success?

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