Jim Rogers writes about preparing for a little 65,000 mile trip on motorbike that would take two years give or take a month.

The International Investor’s Took Kit:

5 shirts (2 business)

3 pair of undies

3 pair of socks

2 bow ties (did he know Jeffrey Tucker back in 1990?

1 running shirt

1 pair of shorts

1 watch

3 pair jeans

3 wool sweaters


Running shoes

Rain gear

Leather jacket


Long underwear and ski mask

Toiletries & sunscreen

First-aid kit

Sewing kit


Passport and related items

Swiss army knife


Four cassette tapes: Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Mozart’s 39th and 41st symphonies, On the Road Again, She Drives Me Crazy

Motorcycle related tools and spares

That’s pretty elegant and compact for two bikers. The observations and global adventure in Investment Biker make it one of my favorite books. Several of his geo-political observations from 1990 turned out to be spot-on. Now I think I shall pack up and take a little trip of my own.