A day ago Neil deGrasse Tyson made the above tweet that sounds like one you’d find on Liberty.me.

And followed it up with another zinger:


It got me looking at his Twitter feed and judging by it I came to the conclusion that he would fit in fairly well around here. I expected to find a bunch of quips advocating funding for his favorite projects but instead I found more like this.



I like this aliens angle and it is one that I have used for years to clarify my own views. By replacing your actual place in a system you have to justify it by outside standards. I quickly find inconsistencies; become a Democrat arguing for war in Iraq, or a Christian conservative reading 1 Samual 8:10-22, put yourself in place of your opponent and think like he does. The paradoxes pop up in front of you. It’s amazing how you will move your line of thought.

Abstract yourself to an alien observing Earth while cloaked in invisibility. Can you imagine them looking down at all the politics and saying “Yeah, these guys have done the best they can. Probably a few more tweaks and they’ll have it made.” or would they say “Why do these creatures waste resources killing each other for other resources, can’t they do better?”

Alas I did finally come across this one, he’s not quite ready for Liberty.me but he’s not light-years away either.

Aliens wonder why two good scientists hang out with a war leader