“What is left when honor is lost?” — Publilius Syrus

In keeping up with this week’s news stories there is one prominent nationwide discussion and another that probably none of your neighbors or office mates have come across once in the past five years even though it was supposed to be “a clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country.”

Scant days after the Ferguson riots a New York grand jury failed to indict policeman Pantaleo due to belief that he had no intent to hurt Eric Garner other than arresting him for the atrocious “crime” of selling cigarettes one at a time rather than in a whole pack. Seems the state believes any loose cigarettes are reason to assume someone is guilty of avoiding the high sin tax stamp which is displayed on whole packs but not on each tobacco stick.

Gauged by his last words Garner may have been sequentially harassed by the police for this alleged infraction.

“Every time you see me, you want to mess with me. I’m tired of it. It stops today. Why would you…? Everyone standing here will tell you I didn’t do nothing. I did not sell nothing. Because every time you see me, you want to harass me. You want to stop me (garbled) Selling cigarettes. I’m minding my business, officer, I’m minding my business. Please just leave me alone. I told you the last time, please just leave me alone. please please, don’t touch me. Do not touch me.”

And even though NYPD policy states that choke hold should not be used it was. And though it seems Mr Garner did not threaten anyone with harm he did die that day and the autopsy listed homicide as the cause. He resisted arrest, this is not allowed even if tax statute enforcers have pestered you time and time again without charge or conviction. You must submit to their system, follow all their processes, and then maybe after countless hours of your time some one will tell a few guys to back off and leave you at peace.

TODAY there is the lesser known case of Bernard von Nothaus. Seems he got off so so lucky. Even though he didn’t resist arrest this elderly man was facing over 17 years in federal prison for having stamped “dollar” on silver rounds. Since he didn’t resist he wasn’t killed in some process of establishing dominance and went through the government processeses. In doing this his case in which he harmed no person nor avoided any tax went past the grand jury, through trial and to sentencing. Only at this point does it seem that he can finally relax a bit and no longer face confinement with violent people.

The sentencing judge determined that Nothaus’ intent was not to commit a crime yet he will still serve home detention in addition to the previous years of strife and uncertainty. Lastly it seems very lucky that the state will not confiscate silver valued at millions of “dollars” from him and his associates.

The mirror here shows an agent of the state who doesn’t even get indicted because his intent wasn’t malicious compared to an older man who simply made coins in weight as defined in the United States Constitution but without the label “United States” on it and was indicted and convicted and damned near served the rest of his natural life in prison.

“This is the United States government. It’s got all the guns, all the surveillance, all the tanks, it has nuclear weapons, and it’s worried about some ex-surfer guy making his own money? Give me a break!” ~ Bernard von Nothaus