The SPLC has a list of hate groups and that is a handy thing for someone to be tracking. While they have been accused of sensationalism and do like to sue people there is nothing wrong with noting associations that are discriminating and even violent so long as you are accurate and not libelous.

Ponder this: In the last 15 years who has actually harmed more minority people 

A. the Ku Klux Klan

B. the Ferguson Missouri police department

How many have been affected in St Louis? In the state of Missouri? All of the USofA?

Recall that the population of Ferguson is about 21,000 people. “According to the court’s own figures, as of December 2014, over 16,000 people had outstanding arrest warrants that had been issued by the court,” the report notes.

It isn’t just a large number of warrants, that link goes on and on about the systemic problems discovered by the DOJ. Abuses overseen by elected officials, courts and law enforcement. No one is to say that KKK members in the past couple of decades haven’t pulled off some tragic events and intimidated many people but when you think about the scale of what this small section of St Louis reigned over; the number days spent in jail, families harmed, the number of officers participating for years, the amount of money raked in to pay for parks &c, the dignity stolen and mental anguish, jobs lost, judges kept on staff for their rate of collections under questionable procedures, one has to wonder if the SPLC should list the Ferguson Police Department and City Hall as hate groups. And this wasn’t one rogue chief in an isolated area, this is the prevailing attitude of communities all over St Louis. Frankly I believe it to be more wide spread than is generally admitted.

As libertarians we keep in mind that the smallest minority is the individual. It is wrong to discriminate based on skin, sex, rich/poor, or any number of things. Any persons or groups who initiate abuse and coerce people are on our hate list and unfortunately that list is too long to keep track of.