Dear Abby,

I think I may be in a bad relationship. He hurts me sometimes, sometimes real bad. He runs around and messes with other people. He teases me and cajoles me. The worst is when he ignores me and then gets everybody else to ignore me too. That is awful.

Its not as if I chose this relationship, I sort of just grew up with it. I’ve tried several times to break up and walk away but he’s always there! He controls so much of the things I use everyday. I don’t have the resources to start all over. What’s a Citizen like me to do??? He’s been my lover, my mother, my Daddy, my body guard, my friend (sometimes)… I just want to figure out who I am! figure out what I can do…. I want to be happy and sad on my own terms and not have it all have to go through what he says or doesn’t say. If it was just me I think I could deal with it and just slink away but I see him doing the same thing to so many other people and even worse things to others! He makes other people happy but then they go and do bad things to others. I sometimes feel I ought to be grateful it isn’t worse. My continued relationship with the State isn’t tenable any longer!!! What should I do?







I saved this many months ago and probably owe someone credit for this but I don’t know who and didn’t find it so maybe I mashed it up and forgot but if anyone finds it somewhere else please let me know.